Education Program

Training offer for doctors.

  • Learn Nano Spine Surgery Alternatives.
  • Nano is inherently safer than larger spine surgery due to the lack of typical surgical trauma.

  • What our patient and a doctor said:
    I wanted to reiterate my sincere amazement at being able to painlessly fly back to Los Angeles from Philadelphia the day after surgery (5+ hour flight), and then being able to fly back to Vietnam from Los Angeles 2 days after the surgery (19+ hours in-transit). Honestly, I would not have predicted that I would be able to do that, so soon after surgery (even though you said it would be no problem). But you were absolutely correct! Not only am I amazed, but every person I tell this to is also amazed.
    I observed the non-traumatic "Nano" procedure done for the above patient and I certainly agree that avoiding typical surgical trauma was the best way for this patient to be treated.

    Dr. Miteswar Purewal
    Pain Management Specialist